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  • TURNS ON -: I love that they make me laugh, I love to share, I am a happy person, I love pasta, I love fruits, eat healthy, I am a sports lover (Gym), I am friendly, I love animals, I have a pet called Susi es a cat, she is the love of my life, I love being with my family, I love it and I love helping my mother and my sisters, they are the engine of my life.
  • TURNS OFF -: I don't like to be ignored, I don't like to be disrespected, since I am a person of light and who likes to give peace of mind, I don't like to feel alone and nobody feels alone, I don't like selfish people or They have a very high ego, I don't like people who think they are more than others, just because they have a little more money, that is inhuman.


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DavidDuaville 2022, Dec, 03